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  1. Spray weeds as necessary and remove debris.  Round-up can take 10 days to work. Also designate permanent planter and tree zones at this time.
  1. During dry weather we have no moisture reserve in our soil.  Therefore, advance watering is necessary before proper rototilling can be accomplished.  About three days before rototilling, turn water on and off for several hours of one day so that water can slowly saturate the soil.  Allow to dry for about three days so it is workable.
  1. Rototill 8¡യ 12¡थep.  Run tiller across and lengthwise until ground is loose and broken well.  Remove all debris, rocks, etc., which are larger than a golfball.
  1. Install French drains.  Ask for our French drain installation guide. 
  1. Level area by raking tilled earth as needed.  A rented landscape rake makes this easy work.
  1. Spread 3¡യ 4¡௦ Humus evenly over the lawn area.
  1. Rototill the Humus into an equal amount of the deeply tilled dirt.  A 3¡͊ layer of Humus would be tilled into the TOP 3¡௦ the previously tilled soil.
  1. Install sprinkler system.
  1. Level area again.  Take care to make lawn area as even as possible.
  1.  Firm the area with a 1/2 full water-filled roller rented from a rental yard.
  1.  IF extra height is needed, add Raised Bed Blend for the final grade.
  1.  Spread fertilizer per package instruction.
  1.  SOD LAWNS:
    1. Install sod per nursery direction. 
    2. Roll with a full roller. 
    3. Water well (depending on weather 3-7 times a day, 3-7 minutes at a time) and stay off the lawn for about two weeks.
    4. Over a 2 month period gradually decrease watering to once a week for 30 min.
  1.  SEED LAWNS: 
    1. Spread seed evenly using a rented seed spreader.
    2. Spread 1/8¡യ 1/4¡͊ layer of Humus over seed.  A rented compost spreader makes this easy work.
    3. Roll with a full water-filled roller.
    4. Hand water (depending on weather 3-7 times a day, 3-7 minutes at a time) keeping Humus evenly moist until grass is up 㠡bout two to three weeks.
    5. Over a 2 month period gradually decrease watering to once a week for 30 min.

Download a copy of the installation guide here!

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